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    Exchanging Your Tank

    Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Get Started with AmeriGas Propane Exchange

    Step 1

    Find Amerigas Tank Exchange Locations

    ACE Location Map

    So whether you need a 24 hour self-service propane exchange or are making a pre-BBQ pit stop, use our location finder to search for an AmeriGas propane cylinder exchange location near your home, tailgate, or wherever you'll need a tank.

    Use our location finder to search for an AmeriGas propane exchange location near your home, or wherever you'll need a tank.

    Search Convenient Locations
    Step 2

    Start, Buy, or Exchange Your Tank

    Once at your nearest location, simply talk to a sales representative about buying or exchanging your tank. If you’re exchanging, make sure to leave your used tank outside the store when you go in.

    Make sure to mention to the attendant whether you are exchanging a tank, buying a tank for the first time, or buying a spare.


    After talking to the attendant and paying for the cylinder, the attendant will accompany you to our AmeriGas Propane Exchange Kiosk where you will be given a new tank (and exchange your old tank if you have one!)


    That’s it! Once you have an AmeriGas tank, exchanges are easy and affordable.


    Learn more about our exchange program at our FAQ page linked below.

    Propane Exchange FAQs
    Step 3

    Install Your Propane Tank

    Installing-AmeriGas- propane-tank-in-outdoor-bbq-grill

    When you get your new tank home, we know you will want to get it connected and ready to grill as quickly as possible. We are here to help!

    Connecting your tank is very simple, and so is staying safe. All of our tanks have easy-to-follow instructions printed right on the tank, but click below for a step-by-step walk-through on how to setup and connect your tank as well as additional safety tips and precautions.

    Connect Tank
    Step 4

    Get Grilling


    With everything connected and ready to go, your grill is now the life of the party!

    We are here to make sure everything runs safely and smoothly; never hesitate to reach out or check our safety guide to get help with everything from exchange questions to set up tips.

    From backyard BBQs to turkey frying to patio heating, there’s no end to what you can do with propane!  Stay in the know by signing up for the AmeriGas Newsletter below, following us on Facebook, and visiting our recipes pages for grill favorites, tips, and seasonal ideas!

    Favorite Grilling Recipes
    Step 5

    Benefits of Propane Exchange


    AmeriGas propane exchange has evolved over the years. With new products being powered by propane, it is not just for your propane gas grill!

    Propane is used in a number of different ways throughout the country! With all of the benefits of propane exchange through the variety of uses, you can discover for yourself!


    It is easier to find an exchange location that is open at night or weekends.


    Typically there are more exchange locations than refill stations.


    You are guaranteed that the tank is inspected, cleaned, leak-tested, and has up-to-date safety information and instructions printed on the tank label.


    Our tanks have been re-qualified on schedule.


    With selected self-service 24/7 locations available, the process of exchanging a propane tank is even quicker and more convenient!

    Propane Exchange FAQs