Exchanging Your Tank

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Find Amerigas Tank Exchange Locations

AmeriGas Locations

Whether it's our large national partners, or small local retailers who help share the AmeriGas experience, there's a tank exchange location near you.

Use our location finder to search for an AmeriGas propane exchange location near your home, or wherever you'll need a tank.

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Step 2

Buy Or Exchange

Once at your nearest location, simply talk to a sales representative about buying or exchanging your tank. Leave your used tank outside the store when you go in.

Make sure to mention whether you are exchanging a tank or buying a spare. Once you have an AmeriGas tank, exchanges are easy and affordable.

Step 3

Install Your Propane Tank

Installing Propane Tank

When you get your new tank home, we know you will want to get it connected and ready to grill as quickly as possible. We are here to help!

Connecting your tank is very simple, and so is staying safe. All of our tanks have easy-to-follow instructions printed right on the tank, but read on for more tips and precautions.

Connect Tank
Step 4

Get Grilling

Family Grilling

With everything connected and ready to go, your grill is now the life of the party!

We are here to make sure everything runs safe and smooth. Sign up for the AmeriGas Newsletter below and visit our blog for recipes, tips, and seasonal ideas!

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