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    Using Propane To Stay Warm in Your Tent While Camping

    Everything You Need To Know

    Just because it's cold out doesn't mean you have to be!


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    Whether you prefer to stay close to home or take a road trip, AmeriGas helps you identify some of the best tips for Camping!

    AmeriGas has great information on the proper way to heat up your tent safely for the camping season. We want you to have the right tools when it comes to setting up your campsite.

    This includes getting your tent set up properly to handle the heating unit, and actually hooking up your tank to the heating unit. We also have some advice on different things you can do to stay warm throughout your camping experience

    Best Way To Heat a Tent Safely

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    Let AmeriGas arm you with the knowledge you need to safely heat your tent while camping! Researching a safe and cost effective heating method is key to having a successful and stress free camping experience.

    Heating a tent with propane uses safe, clean forced heat to warm the tent in seconds without any having dangerous fumes.

    The most important tip when safely heating your tent, is to make sure you choose the right size heater for your tent. You can calculate that by figuring out how many BTU's (British Thermal Units) you need.

    Cost can greatly vary between the type of heater you can use. Some are smaller than others and require less propane.

    After doing your research on size and BTU's, you're ready to start looking for the right heater for the job.

    More Propane Safety Tips

    Benefits of Keeping Your Tent Warm with Propane

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    Propane Heaters have come a long way from what they used to be. Unlike electric heaters, propane heaters are portable and do not need to be plugged into anything.

    Before you pick up any old camping heater, be sure to do some research about what is powering that heater. The most common power sources for portable heaters are propane and electric.

    Propane powered heaters are the most convenient for camping purposes due to the fact that you do not need an electrical power supply to operate.

    Propane heaters are also safer for the environment and keep the air conditioned around you whereas electric heaters can produce very dry air for the tent. Using propane to heat your tent is an easy and convenient process to support any camping experience


    Step-By-Step Guide: How to Heat a Tent Safely with Propane

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    First time camping with a propane heater? Don't worry, just follow these easy steps to getting the perfect set up!

    Step 1Safely transport you tank and heater to the campsite.

    Step 2: Make sure the heater is placed on a flat surface and is outdoors.

    Step 3: Follow the instructions in the manual that was provided when you purchased the heater.


    Step 4Connect your propane tank to the heater.

    Make sure you are away from flammable objects before turning the heater on.

    Tips to Keeping Warm While Camping in the Winter

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    Here are some additional tips to help keep warm during your next camping trip.

    Pack a sleeping bag with liners in them to help insulate the heat.

    Invest in disposable heating packets.

    If able, bring a carpet or rug to help insulate the floor of the tent.

    Go to bed with a hot water bottle.

    Trying some of these tips will make sure you stay warm in those cool temperatures!

    Winter Propane Necessities

    How to stay warm and safe this winter