Install with AmeriGas

New retailer Installs

Step 1

Conducting A Site Survey

Cage Installation

Once store requests our service, a site survey is sent to our local district. This takes an average of 2-3 weeks depending on location.

Our trained representative will assess your property and find the best location to place your AmeriGas Propane cage.

Step 2

Acquiring Permits


Once the site survey is returned to our office, our district applies for the necessary permits for your specific location. The timing varies based on the location's jurisdiction.

AmeriGas acquires all permits at every level to ensure the installation is certified and the cage is approved to be placed.

Step 3

Account Set-Up

Phone Operator

Once all permits and approvals have been received, accounts are set up in our system, equipment is ordered and installation is scheduled for 2-3 weeks out from permit receipt.

Our Customer Care team is available to help with any questions you or your employees may have about your personalized account with us.

Step 4

Location Installation

Cage Installation

Our trained install crew will come to your location with a cage, signage, and other necessities, and place the cage according to the site survey originally taken.

Our installation crew ensures you are 100% satisfied with your on-site cage location.

Step 5

Final Inspection

Cage Installation

Once cage is set, the local jurisdiction is contacted and a final inspection is requested (if required). Once final approval is received, your store can start selling propane.

Not all locations need a final inspection. This depends on the local jurisdiction and their guidelines.

Step 6

On-Site Training

Cage Installation

Our district team will train your store managers before you are authorized to sell AmeriGas Propane Tanks. The full process takes an average of 30-90 days, but will vary based on your specific location.

Once everything is set up, your location is ready to sell AmeriGas Propane Tanks and generate additional revenue for your store!