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    Transportation and Storage

    Best Practices

    How to safely and efficiently transport and store AmeriGas grill tanks!

    Tank Transportation Safety Tips

    Helpful Information

    ALWAYS transport and store a cylinder in a secure and upright position so it will not fall, shift, or roll.

    ALWAYS close the cylinder valve and, if required, seal with a plug, even if the cylinder is empty. Ask your propane retailer if a plug is required.

    NEVER keep a filled cylinder inside a hot vehicle.

    ALWAYS place the cylinder in a well-ventilated area of the vehicle.

    ALWAYS proceed directly to your destination and immediately remove the cylinder from your vehicle.

    Ways to transport

    Think before you drive away

    The different options to safely transport an AmeriGas propane tank to any destination!

    Pickup Truck / Trailer

    Pick Up
    If you have a pick-up truck or another vehicle with a trailer attached, the proper way would be to secure the AmeriGas propane tank with a bungee cord or some rope. This will prevent the propane tank from sliding all over the back of your vehicle along with staying upright in its intended position. 

    Rear Seat of the Vehicle

    Rear Seat
    When transporting the tank in the back seat, you need to safely wedge the propane tank between the front seat and back. Make sure the propane tank is secure enough that is will not fall over during the drive to its destination. You can also secure the tank with rope or a bungee cord as well.

    Trunk of the vehicle

    Trunk Storage
    If you are going to be transporting your AmeriGas propane tank in the trunk of your vehicle, it is important to have some support to keep the propane tank upright. If you have a pre-made stand (shown in photo) then place the tank there to keep it stable. If you do not have a pre-made stand, a milk crate will work just as well! With the high sides it will keep the tank upright and secure without any fear of falling over. 

    Proper Tank Storage

    Tank Storage


    AmeriGas wants you to be prepped and ready to go as the temperatures start to fall. At AmeriGas we put safety first and safely storing your propane tank is a necessity when cleaning up your outside area for late fall and winter. Freezing temperatures do not pose a problem for propane; in fact, you don’t need to cover the tank outdoors. You can place the tanks on a piece of wood and store them uncovered or covered, outdoors.

    When storing your propane tank, detached sheds and garages are best. These structures provide coverage for the tank, while also supplying it with a well-ventilated area to stay until temperatures warm-up. Remember, propane is heavier than air and it will settle, so give it a chance to dissipate when you open the door. Never store your tank in your living areas or anywhere that is attached to your home.
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