Connecting Your Propane Tank to Your Grill

Learn how to attach your propane tank to your grill from AmeriGas experts

How to Connect Propane Gas to a Grill

First time griller? Connecting a propane tank to a grill is safe and easy, when the process is done correctly. 

Follow these four quick and easy steps, and you'll be ready to start grilling -- don't forget to review your grill's owner's manual. 

To see just how easy it is to begin your summer of grilling, follow along with AmeriGas experts to learn how to attach your propane tank to your grill.

Step 1

Set Up Propane Grill

Set up gas grill_ACE

Before you begin, make sure your grill is safely positioned away from any flammable material and that the grill cover is completely open.

Ensure the gas is turned to the off position before hooking up the propane tank to the grill. If you have not done so already, remember to remove the used tank from the grill.

Learn more about how to safely set up your grill.
Step 2

Turn Off Service Valve

Tank Valve- Arrows Right_ACE

Make sure the tank service valve hand wheel is turned completely OFF (to the right) before connecting propane to your grill or other appliance.

Remove the blue plastic cap covering the nozzle. The plastic cap will be perforated, which makes it relatively easy to remove. You are ready to attach the propane tank to the grill!

Step 3

Hook Up and Secure Propane Tank to Grill

tank knob_ACE

After removing the blue plastic cap covering the nozzle, you can now connect the grill's gas line to the nozzle.

The propane tank should fit snugly into the gas line. Turn the coupler at the end of the gas line to the right to secure the connection to the tank. Make sure the fitting is fully screwed in, but not so tight that you won't be able to unscrew it when the time comes to exchange your tank.


Next, turn the gas valve on the propane tank to the open position. Your valve should be in the shape of a triangle and etched with the words "OPD," or overfill protection device. Make sure the gas line is in and secure.


Step 4

Conduct a Final Safety Check

Leak Check_ACE

After your tank is secured and the gas grill is connected to the gas line, there are a few safety practices to ensure you are grilling safely.

- Always inspect and test your cylinder for leaks--especially before the first use of the season.


- If at any time you smell gas, safely turn off the cylinder valve (turning it to the right (clockwise)). If you cannot turn the valve off safely, immediately call 911. The grill and propane tank should be inspected by a qualified service technician before the next use. 


Once this is compete, you are ready to turn on your grill or other propane powered device and get cooking!