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    Propane Patio Heat & Firepits

    Propane Powered Heat

    Extend your outdoor patio season with a propane powered heater. Propane space heaters can be freestanding or wall-mounted, and typically work even in an electrical outage. They also produce fewer greenhouse gases than space heaters using fuel oil.

    Outdoor Propane Heater Uses

    Propane can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your outdoor space in the cooler months.

    Propane Deck Heaters


    Give your deck the centerpiece it has been needing with the warmth of a propane powered heater. 

    Whether you are looking for a heater that your guests will be talking about for weeks, or just a consistent heat source for your outdoor living space, there is a heater for you. Propane heaters for your deck can increase the outdoor temperature up to 30°F in a 20-foot radius. Don't let the seasonal chill stop you from entertaining outdoors.

    Propane Patio Firepit


    From free-standing to dugout, metal, brick, or stone - there are no limitations when finding a fire pit to fit your style and needs.

    Propane fueled firepits provide the warmth, comfort, and aesthtic that you've been looking for without the mess and hassle of a wood-burning alternative. Liven up your patio space, or even your pool deck, and create the ambiance that your family and guests can enjoy all year round. 

    Propane Porch Heaters


    Whether free-standing or wall-mounted, your porch is not complete without a propane heater. 

    Propane heaters designed for patio use are typically easy to install, low maintenance,  and add a cozy touch to your outdoor space. Porch heaters come in a variety of models and sizes, depending on the design of your porch, so there will be a model for you and your budget. Wall-mounted models are typically sleek, compact, and safe for an enclosed or semi-enclosed area (and will not get in the way of your guests - talk about an added bonus!). 

    Benefits of Using Gas Tanks to Fuel Outdoor Heat Appliances

    Propane gas powered firepits and outdoor heat sources are easy to use, burn environmentally friendly, and require less maintence than a wood-burning option.

    Propane powered patio heat is convient. A 20-lb propane tank can run your patio heater for up to 10 hours, so you will not have to worry about ending your evening outside early. In the case that you do run out, propane is offered at nearly every convenience or grocery store, so there is most likely an exchange location near you. 

    - Propane heat is environmentally friendly. Liquid propane is clean burning. The emissions realeased from burning propane will not harm the environtment or pollute the air, which makes running a propane powered heater safe to use in your outdoor space and around your loved ones. 

    - Propane heaters vary in size, make, and model. Portable or mounted, big or small, extravagent or basic, there are a variety of design options to suit the need of your outdoor space. 

    - Propane patio heat is effective. Propane patio heat provides a constant and steady stream of heat, which can be easily controlled directly on the heater control panel. 

    - Propane heaters are low maintence. Once your heater is contected to the propane source, heat will be constantly delivered to your space. There is no need to worry about adding wood or cleaning up a mess of ash and soot while hosting a night outdoors. 


    Find a Propane Exchange Location For Your Outdoor Heat

    Enhance your outdoor living space with AmeriGas. Find your nearest AmeriGas Propane Exchange location to exchange your existing tank or pick up a spare!