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    Seasonal Grilling Ideas & Recipes

    Propane Uses and Techniques for Every Season

    Seasonal Grilling Ideas & Recipes

    Fall and Winter Grilling

    Seasons change, but your grilling habits don't have to! Grilling can be done all year round, not just in the warmer months. 

    Although the weather may change, AmeriGas Propane Exchange has ideas on how to continue grilling, but also use propane in other ways throughout the year. Below we outline everything you can do with propane throughout each season!

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    Scroll down and let us show you the best way to use propane for all seasons!





    Fall Grilling

    Fall Scene_ACE

    It's time to take advantage of the crisp, cool weather of Fall by taking the party outside to enjoy entertainment accessories powered by propane! That's right, we are talking about patio heaters and fire pits that extend any patio season!


    AmeriGas propane is not only the best accessory for your grill, but also your turkey fryer! Our favorite Fall holiday, Thanksgiving, is centered around cooking that perfect turkey and AmeriGas can help!



    Want to know how to fry a turkey? We've got you covered.


    You can also use us at your next sporting event to keep you warm, or for grilling up that awesome burger! Try some of our personal favorite fall grilling recipes below and get some ideas for your next party!


    Fall Grilling Recipes:

    Leftover Thanksgiving Recipe

    Scary Good Recipes

    Grilled Apple Pie Recipe

    Hard Cider Pulled Pork Recipe

    How To Deep Fry A Turkey

    Winter Grilling

    Winter Scene_ACE

    You may want to think twice before you put that grill away for the season. We all know what your asking... Can you use a propane grill in the winter? Yes, it is very unlikely for a grill to not work in the winter time! Depending on where you live, the elements can be extremely different. However, whether it is warm or cold, it still gets dark early in the winter. A tip to save time and daylight is to prep your food ahead of time so you can start grilling earlier! If you don't have that time, we suggest getting a flashlight or an overhead light to shine on the grill. 


    Before starting to grill, make sure there is no snow or debris around the area. Also, shovel a path to the grill to prevent any slips or trips! When grilling, make sure to lift the lid as little as possible. This is to prevent the heat from escaping and will increase your cooking time when grilling in cold weather. 


    We know winter grilling is not for everyone, so if you prefer to store your tank during colder months, learn more about how to properly store your propane tank in the winter.


    Winter Grilling Recipes:

    Winter Grilled Cocktails

    Frost Bite Recipes

    Grilled Chinese Longevity Noodles

    Grilled Latkes


    Spring Grilling

    Spring Scene_ACE

    April showers bring prime time spring grilling hours! If you need to take your tank out of storage, make sure you have enough propane before trying out some spring grilling recipes.


    Spring time calls for getting out of the house and spending those warmer nights planning your next BBQ around your outdoor fire pit or outdoor heater.


    Camping season also picks up around Spring. To make sure you have everything you need before you go, check out our camping page for helpful tips and tricks for your next camping adventure.


    Spring Grilling Recipes:

    Bourbon-Tomato BBQ Sauce

    Grilled Lobster

    Grilled Mexican Corn on the Cob


    Summer Grilling

    Summer Scene_ACE

    That's right, it's finally summer grilling season! Grilled food will always be one of the best parts of summer along with refreshing pitcher drinks, picnics, and ice cream! 


    Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day... We can just taste the summertime bbq already! Make sure you are prepped and ready for those cookouts and long summer nights around the fire pits or staring up at the stars while camping with your closest friends!


    Summertime is the season for grilling and we don’t want you to run out of propane, so check out one of our retail locations nationwide. We are closer than you think!


    Summer Grilling Recipes:

    Summer Grilled Cocktail Recipes

    Grilled Portobello Burger & Basil Aioli

    Grilled Peaches Peach Pie

    Grilled Watermelon Recipe