Seasonal Grilling

Uses and Techniques for Every Season

When the seasons change, your grilling habits and propane usage also change. So why not adapt in the best way!



Did you know that you can brew beer with propane!? Here at AmeriGas we want to elevate your summer to the next level!

With just a few simple steps and the right equipment you can be on your way to sitting on your back deck grilling up a nice steak and drinking beer that you brewed yourself! That just sounds like the perfect summer night if you ask us!

Be sure to check out our grilling recipes HERE for some ideas for your next BBQ and watch the video for more information on home brewing!


The Menu Sized-min

Pretty much the most important part to any party. Your guests should arrive with empty stomachs ready to be filled with grilled goodness! A good tip is to ask your guests for ideas on what they would like to eat at your BBQ, that way you can incorporate everybody’s preferences within the menu. Another tip to keep in mind is timing. You don’t want your grilled steak, chicken or burgers coming out while people are still picking at the appetizers.

Recipe Ideas
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Drinks Sized-min

Don’t turn off that grill just yet, because no party is complete without a signature cocktail! Sure you can go the simple route and have the typical BBQ drinks, or you can throw some fruit on the grill to add a little more flavor to your drink. You don’t need to grill fruit for a long time, but just enough to get those awesome grill marks! Not only will fruit add flavor to the drink, but it will also make it look like you spent a lot of time preparing (even though you didn’t!).

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Decorations Sized-min

They play the part of building the theme of the party. Celebrate spring with a fun filled easy going backyard BBQ complete with easy decorations, and DIY backyard party ideas. Whether it is rustic or modern, there are so many ideas on decorating for a BBQ. You can keep it simple with just tables and chairs in the backyard, or you can go crazy with detail! Not only will fruit add flavor to the drink, but it will also make it look like you spent a lot of time preparing (even though you didn’t!).

DIY Tips
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Music Sized-min

It is important to keep the party alive with music that your guests can enjoy. Keep it modern, while also throwing in some classics that everyone will know. This will get everyone is a great mood and want to stay at your BBQ longer than they may have originally planned! Know what your guests typically listen to and create a playlist that incorporates everyone’s style with a laid back atmosphere.

BBQ Playlist
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