Gas Grill Basics and Safety Tips

Learn how to use a propane grill safely and ensure you get the best grilling experience.


By combining grilling safely tips with best practices for using your AmeriGas Propane tank, you can focus on the important things in life - like whats for dinner?

How To Start and Use Your Gas Grill

Starting a propane grill is simple and only requires a few basic steps. Once you have the gas grill basics and important gas grill safety tips down, you'll be ready to grill anytime and anywhere.

If you have not yet connected your tank, review your grill manual and follow the step by step

instructions from AmeriGas experts on connecting your tank.


  1. Open the lid of the gas grill to allow any propane fumes to escape before cooking. 


  2. Turn the valve on top of your propane tank and allow the gas to travel through

the gas line. 


  3. Close the grill lid and turn on all of the burner knobs to high. Allow the grill to

preheat for 15 minutes. 


4. Adjust the temperature knobs on your grill to your desired temperature and

begin cooking.


How To Clean and Store Your Grill After Use

Cleaning Gas Grill_ACE

Proper cleaning and storage will extend the life of your grill and keep it looking brand new.

Cleaning Your Grill


1. Set the grill on high heat for 15 minutes to loosen left-over food or grease and

ease cleaning


2. After 15 minutes turn off the temperature knobs and the gas valve of the propane



3. Using a water and dish soap mixture, or grill cleaner, scrub the grill grates with a

long-handled grill brush.


4. Follow your gas grill's instruction manual to remove heat deflectors and burners.

Then, clean the heat deflectors and burners with a warm water and dish soap


5. Use the dish soap and warm water to clean the grill box and lid to prevent flare



6. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the grill grates, interior burners, and grill box to

remove any residual grime.

7. After the interior grill parts are clean, use a light cooking oil to prep the grill

grates for your next use.


8. The outside of the grill should be cleaned with a solution of soap and warm water.


Storing Your Grill


- Keep your grill covered with a vinyl grill cover to protect against harsh weather

and wearing


- If your gas grill is stored outdoors, it is safe to keep the propane tank attached.


- If your gas grill is being stored in an enclosed area, such as a shed or garage, make

sure to remove the propane tank and keep it stored outdoors.

Best Practices for Gas Grill Safety

Safety First | ACE

Whether you are an experienced griller, or just starting out, there are a few important grilling safety tips to remember when using a gas grill.

- Read and follow your grill manual to learn about gas grill basics


- Only use your gas grill outdoors and in a well-ventilated area


- Always perform a leak check before your first grill of the season


- Ensure the gas grill is firmly in place and cannot be easily tipped over


- Never leave a lit grill unattended


- When using a propane grill, always use long handled utensils to avoid burns


- Avoid wearing loose or hanging clothing 


- Do not allow children near the gas grill or propane tank


- Never attempt to move a lit or hot grill


- Keep the gas valve in the off position when the tank is not connected for use


- When transporting your propane tank, keep the tank secured in an upright position