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    Camping and Cooking with Propane

    Make the most of your camping trip with our tips & tricks for cooking with propane on your campsite

    Cooking While Camping with Propane

    What better way to enhance your campsite than with AmeriGas Propane Exchange? From cooking delicious meals for family and friends to keeping your tent warm, propane is the most functional part of your camping trip.


    Propane provides a reliable, safe, and environmentaly friendly source of fuel for cooking while camping.  A propane camp stove is compact and transportable, which provides a quick and convenient method for outdoor cooking. Utilizing a propane powered camp stove guarantees your family a warm meal, regardless of the weather conditions. Ditch the old fashion campfire and s'mores and fuel your campsite meals with propane. 


    Camping and cooking go hand in hand when it comes to using AmeriGas Propane Exchange. Find a location near you to ensure your next camping meals are fueled with propane.

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    Step 1

    How to Cook with Propane While Camping

    Cooking while camping using a portable propane stove or grill is just as easy as cooking on a propane grill at home! Follow these few important steps by our AmeriGas experts to learn how to cook while camping.

    Before getting started, make sure to review how to transport your tank to the campsite and how to connect your tank to the camping grill once you've arrived. 


    What you will need:

    - AmeriGas Propane Exchange tank

    - Propane hose adapter

    - Propane camp grill


    Step 1: Set up the grill and tank in an area that is clear of any flammable debris.


    Step 2: Make sure that both the camping grill and the propane valve are turned to the off postion.


    Step 3: Hook up the propane hose adapter to the grill and make sure that the connection is secure. Next, secure the connection between the hose adapter and propane tank.


    Step 4: Turn the propane tank to the on position by turning the valve counterclockwise, then turn on the grill and push the igniter button.


    Step 5: Get cooking!


    Step 2

    Choosing the Best Stove for Cooking While Camping

    Camping Cooking Safety

    Choosing the best camp stove for cooking while camping may not be as complex as you think. Review our recommended tips below for choosing the best camp stove.

    - Always select equipment wisely. Look for a camping stove that is light in weight and compact enough so it does not take up too much space.


    - Make sure your camping stove is a propane-burning model. Propane is cheaper, more accessible, and easier to use than other types of fuel. 


    - Choose a camping stove that is reliable in all weather conditions -- extreme heat, extreme cold and high winds. 


    - Look for a stove that has multiple burners. This will allow you to cook multiple meal elements at the same time.


    - Find a camping stove that has built in storage for pots and pans. This maximizes packing space and keeps all your cooking tools in one place.


    - Last, but not least, make sure you don't forget the cooking essentials for your camping trip!

    Step 3

    Camping and Cooking Safety Tips


    First time cooking with a propane stove on a camping trip? We've got you covered when it comes to safety tips to keep in mind.

    Although propane is easy to use, and a safer alternative to many other fuel types, there are a few safety tips to remember when handling and working with propane. 


    - Always read the camp stove or grill manufacturer's instuctions before cooking, as operating instructions may vary.


    - Store and transport the propane tank upright in the vertical postion and ensure the gas valve is turned to the off position (counterclockwise) if not in use. 


    - Check your camping equipment before your trip. Inspect your propane tank and perform a leak check, prior to arriving at your campsite. 


    - Always begin your outdoor cooking in a well ventialted area, and away from any debris. Keep clothing, hair and hands away from the open flame. 


    - At the conclusion of cooking, remember to let the camping stove cool down and detach the propane cylinder from the appliance before repacking. 


    Review some of our other tips to remember when using an AmeriGas Propane Exchange tank. 


    Step 4

    Propane Grill Recipes for Camping

    Camping Recipes

    Are you tired of the same old burgers and hot dogs on the grill? Explore some of our camping friendly recipes for your next adventure.

    The last thing you want to do on your camping trip is stand over the camping stove preparing meals. Our easy foil recipes can be prepared at home and packed into your cooler. Throw these foil recipes directly on the camping stove when youre ready to eat and enjoy the mess free clean up. These recipes have as little as 3 ingredients and can be altered according to your preference.


    Another way to skip the hassle of preping meals for your entire crew, is by marinating your meals before your trip. Whether you prefer chicken, steak, or just veggies, let our marinades do the work for you. Simply mix up the marinade at home, pour it over your food of choice and let it sit in your fridge. At the time of your trip, just pack it up. Our marinades provide a simple fix that your family and friends will love. 


    Almost all of our recipes can be transformed into an easy camping meal that everyone will enjoy. From healthy choices, to easy make ahead tailgating recipes -- the options for your camping trip are seemingly endless. 


    Explore all of our tasty and unique recipes to decide what you're taking on your next camping trip. 

    In addition to being the best fuel source for delicious recipes on your camping trip, propane is a great way to heat your tent during the colder months.